Discover our high-performance heat exchanger designed specifically for ovens running on gas or oil. With more than 50 years of research and development, our design guarantees uniform cooking for all types of bakery, pastry and Viennese products.

Made entirely of 3 mm refractory stainless steel, our exchangers are designed to resist thermal stress and burner flames, ensuring exceptional durability.

The unique "U" shape of our heat exchanger, combined with baffled fins, significantly slows the flow of hot air, thereby increasing the travel time through the exchanger. This optimized design allows for maximum heat transfer inside the cooking chamber. As a result, the temperature of the fumes at the outlet is extremely reduced, even for cooking at 250°C, where it is less than 150°C!

Our ultra-high energy efficiency heat exchanger allows you to make significant energy savings while minimizing your carbon footprint, thus preserving our planet.

At Tibiletti Four, we are proud to be the only manufacturer to offer a 10 year warranty on our heat exchangers. Trust our expertise to optimize the performance of your oven and benefit from a durable and reliable solution.

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Échangeur Thermique - Ultra Haut Rendement pour Fours au Gaz ou au Mazout